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S.M.A.R.T.s (Smart Module AI Repair Technicians) is an isometric couch co-op strategy game where the goal is to pacify smart-homes whose AI's have gone rogue and need "re-calibrating."

In a future of floating homes and robot butlers everything is run by computers. When these computers bug out, and take over the homes they run, its up to a team of S.M.A.R.Ts to fix it. Your team is hired to go in and fix the AI running the house. You can use your actual smarts to hack your way into the home, avoiding the security, and repairing the AI.

Some jobs require a bit more of a "hands on" approach, or in this case controlled demolitions. Blast your way through the homes and its defenses to reach the main terminal and fix the AI. The home owner may not be the happiest, but you did what you where paid to do. 

You can play solo, or form a team of your own with 2 and 4 player couch co-op. 3 player co-op is currently in the works. No matter what you will always have you team of four reliable technicians; the hacker, the demolitions expert, the defender bot, and you one man support team. 

S.M.A.R.T.s is a game currently in early development and is the result of the work of:

Jon Neal, Ben Nguyen - Programming

Andrew Bush, Matt Tremper - 3D Modeling


Follow our development here and @SMARTsTheGame for updates and test builds.



V1.2A.zip 47 MB

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